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L\2 Equine Therapy is devoted to being an integral part of your performance program. My goal is to help you and your animals live, feel, and achieve a healthy quality of life. The results of Magnawave PEMF Therapy continue to amaze me and my clients, two and four-legged alike. Whether you or your animals are in athletic competition, fighting injury, or just want to feel and perform better daily, Magnawave PEMF can help with a natural drug free solution.

I have been showing performance horses for most of my life and know the importance of optimal health to reach goals. Being a lover of the outdoors and all animals, I enjoy seeing everyone enjoying all the wonders of a pain-free life. Unfortunately, life tends to throw us curves that challenge our ability to enjoy the things we love to do. Magnawave PEMF works wonders and L\2 Equine Therapy would love to help get you back on track!


 We use the Magna Wave Maxx!
It’s perfect for humans, horses and small animals with short treatment times!


Hundreds of success stories

Becoming a certified Magnawave Practitioner for Equine, People and Small Animals has been life changing for me. It is so gratifying to see and feel results. It is my personal mission to help figure out how to aid in all issues big or small.
My therapy is completely mobile and I will travel to you. If you are not in the NW Montana area we can set up a schedule to treat a group of horses, small animals and people in your area.

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